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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday's Tips #letshavefunlinky

Good morning! Today I can't wait to share some tips that I have learned along the way with blogging, TpT, teaching, and through social networking.  I have learned that there are so many ideas and inspirations out there, so connecting with other teachers can be very important.  I am definitely not an expert in all of these areas, but have learned a lot and hopefully I will share a few tips that you find useful.

BLOG:   If you are thinking of starting up a blog, the one tip that comes to mind first is to pick a blog name that represents you and one that you will want to keep.  You want to make sure your followers know your blog name and URL, especially if you plan on joining in on the TPT world. You will want to make sure both names are the same.  It will make it a lot easier for your audience to keep up with you.  Another important tip would be patient and make sure your content represents you!  I'll be honest having a blog and keeping up with writing can take a lot of time.  However, in the end you will find that you can make a lot connections with other teachers and inspire each other.  Don't get overwhelmed and set goals/lists if needed.

TPT: Just like a blog pick a username that will represent you and do not feel like you need to add a lot of products right away.  Your items will represent you.  Any product I have posted are items that I would use in my classroom or created for others in hopes that they would find useful in their own classroom.  Use the TPT blog or sellers forum.  A lot of teachers collaborate and are always willing to help each other out.

CLASSROOM:  1.Build relationships and communicate not only with coworkers but with your students and parents as well.  Communication is important!
2. Always be YOU...believe in yourself!
3. Manage your time well and be flexible.
4. Set expectations and go over routines right away...starting on the first day!

SOCIAL MEDIA:  If you are starting out pick 1 or 2 social media outlets that you find interesting and fun.  Do not feel like you need to join all of them right away bc there are a lot!  I find Instagram and Pinterest to be my favorite social media outlets.  Both of them are visually appealing and easy to manipulate. Pinterest is a great organizational tool.  Instagram is a fast way and easy way to share visuals of activities in your classroom, ideas, and information.  Both are great tools to connect with other teachers.  Now that I am comfortable with those two, I plan on learning more about Facebook and Twitter.  I have accounts with both of those social media outlets, however I do not use them as much. Overall, create an account with a social network you feel the most comfortable using and one that you will enjoy.

Hopefully you found some tips useful!  Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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