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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let's take a gamble and have some fun! Wednesday's Post

Happy Wednesday!  Yesterday was a REALLY good day bc my nephew Jack was born! I got to spend a fun day with Jack's sister and brother! I just LOVE my niece and nephews..such cuties! Today is a fun post bc I can PIN blogs and TPT items! Don't you just love Pinterest?!? I do for teaching and for my personal life. I love that everything is visual and organized. It makes it so easy to find items when you're on a time crunch.  Today's task is to pin a teaching blog and TpT items.  So take a look at what I find to be my favorites!

Today I pinned 2 teaching blogs that I not only find interesting and inspirational, but also visually helpful!  I pinned The Kindergarten Smorgasboard and  Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.  Both of these blogs give teachers a lot of great ideas for lesson planning, activities within the classroom, and pictures for those of us who need visuals. ;)  Greg from "The Kindergarten Smorgasboard" seems like he is passionate about his teaching and what he shares...sometimes you can check out his YouTube channel too.  I pinned both of these blogs to a board I have have on Pinterest...

I also pinned to new blogs who have linked up with me this week... The Land of I can...A Kindergarten Blog and the second blog I pinned was Kindergarten Kisses.  I am so glad these sweet ladies linked up with me this week!  Stop by their blogs and follow!!! I can't wait to see what else they share on their blogs!  Thanks ladies! Maybe in the future we can collaborate and do something big for this "teacher bloggy world"!

Here is the link to my Pinterest boards...I have over 20 boards for education! Hope you find them helpful! Click here!

Next up, TpT items...I love Teachers Pay Teachers!

Take a look at the items...
First up Miss Wolgy created a literacy activity called Book Museum.  In the beginning of the school year I have my students bring in their favorite book. This is a great way for my students to start thinking about books, why they like to read or what they like to read. Overall they start building an interest in reading.  Students bring in their books, we set them down at our tables and walk around looking at the books. We do a few activities with the books and then share what makes this book our favorite.  I never really had documents to use with this activity. Students just wrote on paper. Needless to say Miss Wolgy's packet saved me time and it goes along great with what I do in my classroom! Go Check it out and follow Miss Wolgy while your at it!

The second item, Direction Cards, is from Molly's Kindergarten.  These cards saved me on time and classroom management!  These direction cards are great visuals for your students.  It saves me on repeating directions over and over...I think we have all gone through this before! It's okay that we have to repeat verbally, but having a visual to post your directions in the classroom is helpful!  I put magnetic tape on the back of each card (there are over 40 cards to choose from) and post them on my easel or whiteboard.  It's so easy and again these are GREAT VISUALS!  Go check them out and follow Molly from Molly's Kindergarten on TpT!

I am going to add to this task for Wednesday and pick a few items that I think would be great packets/activities within anyone's classroom....

Mandy Marchant created an item for Mother's-to-be!  I thought this was a creative item that would help out anyone who is going on maternity leave!  Who doesn't love to stay organized?!? You can put everything you need in one binder. This item also has a letter to your families.  There was a sub that found this item so helpful when the teacher who left on maternity leave, left a binder with all of this info, from this packet, filled out. It made her life a lot easier!  Check out this packet and follow Mandy!

The next item that is on my list comes from Lacy's Letters.  The item Cyndi created was a Rhyming Little Books Bundle.  The item I am sharing is the bundle, but you can purchase the books seperately too.  I just think a bundle is always a great purchase! This product is perfect for whole group, small group, centers, guided reading activities, etc!  The Rhyming Little Books are a great way to add to your study of rimes, rhyming words, and word families!  This item also is aligned to the Common if you are a Kindergarten teacher, go check out this product from Lacy's Letters and follow Cyndi too!

If you want to check out any of my items from my TpT store click here!

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  1. Thanks for pinning my blog Brigid! I'm looking forward to checking out those products. The maternity leave one isn't needed quite yet... But maybe in 2 years... And I would love to work together to put something fun together for the bloggy world at a later date :-)

    The Land of I Can

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