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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Economics Unit and Linky Paaarties


Yes economics can be a lil boring...just my opinion!

However, I changed it around and kicked boredom out the door!

FUN, ENGAGING, and CREATIVE would be the words that I would use to describe my Economics unit. I have been meaning to share my economics unit. A while back I mentioned it in another post and haven't had a chance to further discuss this engaging unit. I absolutely love it and had A LOT of POSITIVE feedback not only from my teammates, but parents and students as well. This unit took about 2-3 weeks to teach, which wasn't too long, but long enough to teach each standard for first grade. Within the unit your students will learn about needs, wants, goods, services, producers, consumers, and opportunity cost. I did not include a full on lesson plan format, but just daily lesson ideas. We all write out or type our plans differently, this is just a way to fit everyone's needs. Do not fret the whole unit is mapped out for you. I even included a parent letter, mini-posters, an invitation, worksheets, book suggestions, lesson ideas, and activities to help teach the economic concepts. It's all there! Whew! Next year I will definitely be ready to teach this unit again. It is so nice to know that it is mapped out. I will just need to add my lesson ideas that were provided in the packet and write them out into my lesson planner. I just love that it is all there! It makes planning and teaching so much easier. Isn't this what we all want?!?!?! Go check it out! If you purchase this item and implement it into your classroom I would love to hear all about it!

I linked up with Sarah from Educasong.  She is having a Bestsellers Linky Party.  Thought this was fitting since I needed to blog about my economics unit.  I included more classroom pics from this unit below.  Scroll all the way down to see how we created the town in my classroom.

Ok so go check out Sarah's blog and link up. Click on her blog title above or her button below.
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Pics from our "Make a Town", economics unit:

Pics from the classroom class named their town "Cardinal Town"....


  1. Wow! What an amazing time you all had! This unit looks awesome, Brigid. We adopted a new social studies program last year, and the economics chapter is definitely lacking....this might be just what I need to spice things up!

  2. Your Economics Unit looks amazing! There is no way kids wouldn't have a great time learning about Economics using this :)
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  3. Hey Brigid! Thanks for donating for my blogiversary! My giveaway is up and running!

    Lacy's Letters

  4. Oh my goodness! How cute is town "Cardinal!" LOVE it!

    Mrs. Smith
    Heart Mrs. Smith

  5. The link to your unit is no longer working! Any chance I can still purchase it?
    -First Grade Teacher in CA

  6. Getting ready to purchase your unit! I can't wait to use it. I hope my kids have as much fun learning as yours did :)