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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year and the January 2015 Monthly Photo Challenge

Are you ready for the new year?  I am...but this time I am not making any New Year's Resolutions.  This year I am starting off without "resolutions".  However, I can only hope and be thankful. Thankful that last year was full of happiness, positives, good health, and good memories. Now for 2015 I will hope that this year runs smoothly and I can be thankful for all of those things again!  I hope that I can make more meaningful and happy memories, live my life to the fullest, exercise, eat healthier, be creative, continue to be happy, travel, read...the list could go on and on! Do you have New Year's Resolutions or do you start the year off not worrying about them?

I am going to start my year off by starting my 2015 Monthly Photo week at a time!  Link up below!


1. Snap a photo or photos each week...
You get to choose how many to share (1-5), but make sure it is at least one. The list for each week will help you get at least one idea to snap...the rest of the photos could be of anything. Each month I will make sure one idea has to do with school...this way we can share our inspirations from our classrooms...OR...again,keep it simple and snap one photo per week

2. Share your photo on your blog or instagram...
Share your photo(s) for the week on any day OR Share your weekly photos the last week of the month. If you share your photos on your blog don't forget to add the button above. If you share your photos online use the hashtag #photoaweek2015

3. Write about your photo...
You can honestly write a short or long description of your photo.  Please remember to add a caption or story.

4. Link it back to me...
If you link it back to me everyone will be able to see what you posted.

5. Check back each month for new ideas and the challenge button (button above)...

*Keep things simple
*Keep up with your friends, instagram friends, and/or bloggy friends
*Share ideas, comments, & inspirations (inside and outside of the classroom)
*Keep up with posting on our blogs or instagram

Ready! Here is the January link below