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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Conferences and using Technology...

Conferences came and went...

Are you running on time when it comes to conferences?
Do you have anything out for parents to look at in the classroom or hallway?

I thought I would take this time to share what I did for our fall conferences...

I always have my students color a pic for the front of the folder that I share with parents...inside the folder I keep the conference form, writing samples, a useful sheet with reading behaviors, student self-assessment, math objectives sheet (which shows whether their child is proficient, advanced or below basic), students letter to their parents, and anything else I think is important to show parents.  Below you will see what I included in the folder (some of the items can be found at my TPT store)

These items can all be found here...

I set up the hallway where parents can sit down while they are waiting, write a letter to their child, and view their students work.  My table in the hallway always includes writing paper and writing utensils.  I also included a QR Code that linked up to a video of photos of my students throughout the school year, via Animoto.  On my large bulletin board I posted my students writing pieces about Fall (I got this idea from Jen over at Finally in First...check out her blog).  Then each student recorded their fall writing piece on our classroom fotobabble and then created a QR Code.  I asked the parents to bring a Smart Device, if they had one, so that they could view a small video of our class and listen to the fall writing pieces.  If they did not have one I provided the classroom iPad. A lot of the parents where thrilled to see their child's work and write a letter to their child.  I heard positive feedback on tying in technology to the conferences.  Take a look at some on of the pics below.  I hope all of your conferences go well!

Table outside my classroom...

Sorry this shot is blurry...this is my BB of my students fall writing. I linked up each writing piece to a QR Code, which then led the parent to fotobabble...a site where my students were able to record their fall writing piece.


  1. Great ideas for conferences! Great blog! I found you on the TPT forum. Thanks for following my blog!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Brigid, I love your blog. So pretty! Your Thanksgiving projects are precious.