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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I am continuing my week of on the pic to receive your free Student Information sheet...

You can use this sheet of paper on Meet the Teacher Night or Open House.  I keep the sheets and put them in my teacher binder.  There is a tab for Student Info...this is where I place these sheets, along with a few other things that are important.  They are easy to get to when you need to contact a parent or check to see how a child is getting home.  I will share a few pics from my helps me stay ORGANIZED!  This is an old pic, since then I have added the rest of the tabs to my planner.  Check it out here.

*Don't forget to take a tour of my classroom, link up if you want to share your room as well!

Click on the Student Information sheet to receive your freebie...Hope you find it helpful! (scroll down after the freebie to check out how I stay organized)

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